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Interviews on the foundations of organizational knowledge and innovation.

Interview with James G. March (2013)


We met with professor James G. March from the Stanford Graduate School of Business to talk about his work, ideas, search for knowledge and managerial relevance of academic research. Professor March has published over 200 books and articles, his work shaping the way management scholars think about organizations. The garbage can model, the behavioral theory of the firm and balancing exploration and exploitation are only a few of his groundbraking ideas.


The interview was filmed on September 29th, 2013 in Stanford, CA.


Interviewers: Maciej Workiewicz and Jiyang Dong (INSEAD)

Interview with Sidney G. Winter (2011)


In this interview professor Sidney Winter talks about the role of productive knowledge, characteristics of routines, organizational change and replication of knowledge in the evolution of companies and industries.


This interview is the first in the Knowledge Foundations series held by the Knowledge & Innovation interest group of the Strategic Management Society. 


The interview was filmed on November 5th, 2011 in Miami, FL.


Interviewers: Maciej Workiewicz and Afonso Almeida Costa (INSEAD)

Introduction by Danqing Wang

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