The Improving State of Management Research in Europe (An Academic Post)

Europe is becoming a great place to do management research. More and more schools are investing in research and hiring top research faculty. As it often happens, however, perceptions lag reality and I thought that perhaps, as the current graduates look for jobs in research-based business schools around the world, I may share some of my analysis to aid their job search efforts. Methodology I used The UTD Top 100 Business School Research Rankings to identify which schools in Europe made it to the top 100. I am interested in management research; thus I selected seven top academic journals in this field, namely: Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science

A reading list

Dear fellow intellectual traveler, Over the years many students asked me to suggest some interesting books to expand their knowledge on subjects of management and strategy. I would normally send a few titles at a time, but after having replied to too many of such emails, I decided to finally compile a more complete list and post it on this blog. My general approach when it comes to reading is that to be good in strategy and management, one has to read broadly as narrow minds rarely produce good ideas. To make good decisions and lead one has to understand oneself, human nature in general, individual and social psychology, sociology, politics, history, philosophy, economics, probability, techn

On the pleasures of wasting time or on recreating March 1991 original code

In the first year of my PhD course I recreated the March 1991 model in Excel. It wasn't required, but isn't academic career about doing what you want and being paid for it? Well, I digress. I wrote a lot of bad code at that time, but the model worked and produced some results that corresponded to March’s figures (like Figure 1.). However, there were some small discrepancies, which back then I took for a product of the original model being run for only 80 iterations per condition. Later, I found out that March 1991 model is notorious for being difficult to recreate due to some differences between the model’s description in the paper (and the infamous Footnote 1) and the actual code that was u

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