Readings on flat management

Self organizing or flat management is the new hot topic among practitioners and academics. A series of companies, like Zappos, Valve and Gore, are grabbing the headlines and many other firms are eager to try out flat management. Jane Fullerton Lemons has done an admirable job and put together a list of books, articles and online resources on the subject. Click here for more information.

Is having two bosses like not having bosses at all?

“A slave with two masters is a free man” – a Roman proverb Seeing a new article or a post about a matrix organization is a rare these days. Academics and practitioners seem to have lost interest with this organizational form. And yet, when I talk to executives, I hear about multiple reporting lines all the time. Reporting to multiple bosses or sharing the authority over employees with other members of the organization are increasingly common features of managerial jobs. The name “matrix” might have disappeared from the modern business vocabulary (although it is still used widely in UK, as I have been reminded recently), but the key elements of the matrix are ubiquitous among the modern organ

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